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Party Poker is the biggest and the safest online poker site today. Anytime you get in, you can expect not less than 10,000 players online. This is a remarkable achievement and also indicate that the site is secured for gambling. First Download the playing software from the site. And register an account with them online. Once you do these,

If you are willing to play lower limit games, then this site is the appropriate choice for you. Its otherwise, if you wish to play upper limit games since such players may have to keep on searching players for upper limit games. Poker Room used to be a site for playing Texas Hold’em initially. Recently, they have also introduced 7 Card Stud. The site has fixed limit games, 10-player tournament and multi-table action.

Due to good marketing campaign, new players are registering every day and hence the daily average of real money game has reached near about 4000 which is really huge and encouraging. Games that are offered in this site includes Hold’em, Omaha,